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# How to Register for the Southeast QLD Table Tennis League- Its Never been easier and more accessible  to get involved in Table tennis - Join our community today and start competing, 


Thank you for your interest in joining the Southeast QLD Table Tennis League! To register, please follow the steps below:


### Step 1: Contact Gio


To begin the registration process, please email or contact Gio with the following details:


- Full Name

- Contact Number

- Email Address

- Date of Birth

- Brief background of your current table tennis experience


We will use this information to ensure you are placed in the correct division based on your skill level.


### Step 2: Consultation (For Players Over 12 Years Old)


If you are over the age of 12 and already play table tennis at home, you will generally be set to jump into one of the divisions. However, a quick consultation at our club will be arranged to determine your level and ensure you are placed appropriately.


### Step 3: Consultation (Under 12 Years Old)


For players under the age of 12, we recommend joining a club junior squad training term to prepare for entry into the circuit. This will help you develop your skills and ensure a smooth transition into the league.


### Step 4: Registration Fee


The registration fee for the circuit ladder is $100 one time fee- This fee includes the following benefits:


- Player Profile

- Player Rating

- Lifetime membership to the SEQ Table Tennis Hub, providing access to member benefits year-round- *(valued at $149.00) 


We have numerous events and opportunities for the kids to compete with over 12 major events per year -  for those who wish to compete more regularly, we have weekly  team fixtures, super league, social nights, and training times . . (:   


Each Major event depending on the venue, division , participants and tournament structure there will be an entry fee to each event ranging from $15- $40   – major events are held once per month and is scheduled on Friday nights or Weekends , draws are done in advance to give everybody a lot of time to prepare and schedule , events can be found on our club live schedule or club APP. Once registered and a member of SEQ Table tennis club- you will receive your login details of our Club app to keep up to date with all the upcoming events and activities. 


Contact Gio to begin your journey in the SEQ Junior Table tennis circuit.


MOB- 0467 895 252


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