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History of League

Welcome to the Southeast QLD Junior Table Tennis Circuit! We are dedicated to providing a fantastic environment and pathway for players under the age of 18 to become more involved in the exciting world of table tennis. As an extension of the South Brisbane Table Tennis Club, we recognized the need to nurture and develop younger players, and thus, the circuit was born.


At the South East QLD Junior Table Tennis Circuit, we understand the significance of regular competition in helping young players improve their skills. That's why we have created a league that offers a seamless and accessible platform for new players to participate. Our unique matchmaking system ensures that all players are placed in the appropriate divisions, guaranteeing fair and competitive matches for everyone involved.


We are committed to supporting our players on their journey to improvement. Our dedicated team provides ongoing assistance, guidance, and resources to help players enhance their table tennis abilities. Whether it's through coaching, training sessions, or mentorship, we are here to help our players reach their full potential.


In addition to fostering player development, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. We believe that table tennis is not just a sport but a community. We encourage players, parents, and spectators to come together and enjoy the camaraderie and excitement that our league offers. Everyone is invited to join us in celebrating the passion and talent displayed by our participants.

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